Live Music Film Series
A musical journey through the live music capital of the world.More about Austin Groove.

Blue October
The Backyard 8/29/03

Los Lonely Boys
at Steamboat , 5/30/03

Van Wilks & Jeff Carrol's
Birthday Party 5/03

Pecan Street Arts Festival
May 3 and 5/03

Gideon's Press at Steamboat

Blue October Release Party
Steamboat 418/03

Dana Davis at Momo's 4/03

Lisa Tingle at Steamboat 2//03

Mack Parks Charity Event
Steamboat - 2/18/03

Del Castillo Steamboat 2/03

Local Licks - 2003 Season
Austin School of Music 1/03

02 Austin City Limits Festival

Vallejo CD Release Party
Lucky Lounge

King Orba
Red Eyed Fly 10/05

SXSW 97-03
Slide Shows and Galleries


Lauras Trip 2 England

-Liverpool: Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, Menlove and Forthlin

-Liverpool: The Cavern, St. Lukes and Other Buildings

- Fromby

-Liverpool: Blackie

-Liverpool: Magical Mystery Tour

-Liverpool: LIPA, Stl Lukes

-Boat Ride

-Liverpool: Beatles Fest

-Liverpool: Mathew Street Festival

-August 31, 2004: London: Abbey Road

-London (Part 1)

-London (Part 2)


Coming Soon! Photos and Video of...

Austin Groove Festival 05 - The Illustrated Band, Deborah Dalton,
James Speer, Troy Dillinger, Dana Davis, and also
Nooner, Van Wilks,
John Pointer,
Batfest 2005 - Young Heart Attack, Bob Schneider,
Breedlove, Seven, Podunk, Pushmonkey,
Soulhat and more!
Collectors' Choice Music

Featured Gallery Los Lonely Boys CD Release Party
at the Lucky Lounge - 812/03 This is the release party of the album that made them WORLD FAMOUS.

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