"The flow, the editing, the feel of the program is world class. Makes me anxious for parts 2 and 3 when they're finished! Your photos throughout the production were stunning!"
— Ed Mayberry,
Houston Public Radio, USA

" A nice snapshot of Austin. The background video spotlights a variety of local clubs and live music venues. Austin Groove also features some great photos that introduce some older Austin performances. That was a welcome addition" —Reviews by Sean Claes

"We both really enjoyed it, it's all looking good, very informative, good job!!" — Jack Hustinx, Exec. Producer, Stagger Lee Records, The Netherlands

"Austin Groove took me right back to Austin... The content and presentation are excellent"
Tyler Weaver, Dallas, Texas

"I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your "Austin Groove" DVD. really made us home sick for Austin!"
— Jeff Reinhardt,
Los Angeles, California

Austin Groove Documentary Film

Lisa Tingle, Saucer, Carl Thiel, Malford Milligan, Van Wilks, Max Nofziger, Natalie Zoe, Jeff Carrol, Loris Lowe, Dave Sebree, Vallejo, Taxi, Ed Mayberry, Gary Garza, Woody Roberts, Paul Oviesi, Xavier Muriel, Bruce Castleberry & Sharon Jones, Lonnie Trevino Jr., George DeVore, Ultrasonic and additional music by King Orba. Special Appearances by Gideon's Press Derrick Obrien, Tomas Rameriz, Monte Montgomery, Stephen Bruton, Chris Layton & Tommy Shannon of Double Trouble.

Austin Groove
Limited Ed. DVD

Austin Groove
Limited Ed. DVD


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